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Big Jumbo Roll Kraft Paper Making Machine Fluting Craft Paper Mill Machinery

Big Jumbo Roll Kraft Paper Making Machine Fluting Craft Paper Mill Machinery

  • High Light

    kraft paper manufacturing machine


    kraft paper mill machinery

  • Item
    Kraft Paper Mill Making Machine
  • Deckle Paper Width
  • Wir Length
    Top Wire 7m, Bottom Wire 7m
  • Headbox Type
    Open Type Headbox
  • Output Paper
    Kraft Paper, Fluting Paper
  • Layout
    One Floor Design
  • Place of Origin
    Henan, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    6 month
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability

Big Jumbo Roll Kraft Paper Making Machine Fluting Craft Paper Mill Machinery

Kraft paper mill making machine big jumbo roll kraft paper production machinery


Kraft paper mill making machine is widely used in paper mills that produce kraft paper and fluting paper. The kraft paper mill making machine use wast paper or virgin pulp as raw material, through headbox approching pulp to wire. In wire section the fibers in pulp will form the paper sheet. Then the wet paper sheet will go through press section to remove water, then go to dryer section to make the paper more dryers. After paper come out from dryer section, the dryness normally reaches 92%. At this time, customer can reeling it to be big jumbo roll. Or make the paper go through sizing machine or calender to produce highly quality paper.


Description of headbox that equips in this kraft paper mill making machine

This machine equip open type headbox. Our kraft paper mill making machine adopts China famous brand, like Xian Weiya, Hangzhou Paper Mech or Zhuji Zhongtai etc. The parts that contact with pulp in the headbox, all are made in stainless steel. Headbox lip plate is 316 stainless steel. 


The box of the headbox is made of high quality steel plate with lining stainless steel. Fine polishing, surface polishing, and stock contact surface make mirror polishing. The box is supported by a bracket to adjust the installation position and height of the headbox. The box is equipped with front wall overflow, overflow rate 5%. The top of the box and the operation side are equipped with glass observation holes, which are convenient for observing the height of the stock level and the situation in the headbox. The observation holes on the operation side can be opened for cleaning the headbox.


Paper width in each section

Wire width 4100mm
Headbox width 3950mm
Wire section wet paper width 3850mm
Reeling width 3660mm
Final paper width 3600mm



1. How to install and maintain the machine?

A: Firstly,we will provide the installation guild with the machine for your reference.

Secondly,our company is responsible for training production workers for you, ensuring that the workers will be independent operation.

2. How can we get the matching accessories or wearing parts conveniently?

A: During the warranty,Our company can replace the accessories for free .Out of warranty,we can provide them at the preferable price .In fact,the wearing parts are standard parts that you could get it in your country at your convenience.

3. Why would I choose your company?

A: Firstly,Our company has rich paper machine design and experience, and is the collection of paper making machinery research, design, manufacture, installation,commissioning and service, becoming one of the multi-functional enterprise.

Secondly,our company could provide the marvelous after-sale services,which is responsible for all installation and debugging, and training the production workers ,ensuring that the workers will be independent operation.

Thirdly,our company persist in the slogan “Customer’s satisfaction is our standing pursuit”.


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