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China ranks first in global consumer confidence index

August 27, 2020

China ranks first in global consumer confidence index,Consumption recovery drives packaging paper demand


According to the results of the global consumer confidence index survey recently released by Ipsos, China's consumer confidence index ranks first with 72.9 among the 24 countries participating in the survey.


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The top five countries in this month's consumer confidence index are China, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the United States and Germany.


Generally, consumer confidence index is regarded as a leading indicator to predict the economic trend and consumption trend. The improvement of consumer confidence index is also a concentrated reflection of China's economic recovery and development. Ipsos said August was the second month in a row that global consumer confidence had risen and was rebounding after reaching a bottom in June.


With the rapid development of e-commerce, express delivery has gradually become the basis of consumption in recent years. According to the data released by the State Post Office, in July this year, the business volume of national express service enterprises completed 6.94 billion pieces, an increase of 32.2% year-on-year.


According to the proportion of express delivery from 2019 to 2025, the potential demand of paper packaging express delivery will increase by 16.59 billion pieces by 2025, of which, the use of fluting paper accounts for 96.18%, and that of single paper packaging express is 288.08 g. in 2025, the potential demand increment of fluting paper for Express packaging will be 4.5966 million tons.


In addition, plastic ban in various regions is gradually increasing, and paper packaging will gradually replace part of plastic packaging, further increasing the demand for paper packaging and its raw materials. Paper packaging will become the main packaging materials, paper packaging demand gradually into the dividend period.


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