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Automatic A4 A3 Copy Paper Production Line Roll Cylinder Stainless Steel

Automatic A4 A3 Copy Paper Production Line Roll Cylinder Stainless Steel

  • High Light

    offset paper making machine


    a4 size paper making machine

  • Item
    Officeworks Copy Paper Making Machine
  • Machine Type
    Right Hand Machine
  • Layout
    Ground Floor
  • Wire Length
    15m (single Wire)
  • Calender
    Gloss Type
  • Paper Characteristic
    Water Proof
  • Place of Origin
    Henan, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    6 month
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability

Automatic A4 A3 Copy Paper Production Line Roll Cylinder Stainless Steel

Officeworks copy paper making machine automatic paper production line


Wire section of the officeworks copy paper making machine:

The wire section of this officeworks coyp paper making machine is composed of wire table, forming plate, dewatering plate box, wet suction box, vacuum box, breast roll, breast roll lifting device, water mark roll, vacuum couch roll, wire driven roll, cleaning roll, wire guide roll, corrector, tensioner, doctor, high/low water spray pipe, paper leading cutting and edge fixing water needle, warping edge device, white water pan etc.


There are many rolls in the wire section, the list is as following.


Rolls in wire section:

Vacuum couch roll 1set Roll cylinder stainless steel, thickness 30mm, vacuum chamber stainless steel.
Transmission wire guide roll


wall thickness 14mm, cover rubber.
Wire guide roll


Wall thickness of the roll is 14mm, surface cover rubber.




1. How to install and maintain the machine?

A: Firstly,we will provide the installation guild with the machine for your reference.

Secondly,our company is responsible for training production workers for you, ensuring that the workers will be independent operation.

2. How can we get the matching accessories or wearing parts conveniently?

A: During the warranty,Our company can replace the accessories for free .Out of warranty,we can provide them at the preferable price .In fact,the wearing parts are standard parts that you could get it in your country at your convenience.

3. Why would I choose your company?

A: Firstly,Our company has rich paper machine design and experience, and is the collection of paper making machinery research, design, manufacture, installation,commissioning and service, becoming one of the multi-functional enterprise.

Secondly,our company could provide the marvelous after-sale services,which is responsible for all installation and debugging, and training the production workers ,ensuring that the workers will be independent operation.

Thirdly,our company persist in the slogan “Customer’s satisfaction is our standing pursuit”.



Warm Tips:


1. Before installation,you should check that equipment’s model and dimension are all right with the parts completed and level remaining.

2. Before the debugging of installation,Checking each part is correct, lubrication supply normal. Water, electricity values reaching the standard.

3. During Operation,you should pay attention to keep daily inspection, cleaning and oiling.and then examine and repair regularly.

Automatic A4 A3 Copy Paper Production Line Roll Cylinder Stainless Steel 0