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Status and Development of Waste Paper Utilization and Recycling

December 6, 2022

As an important renewable resource, the recycling of waste paper has good economic and social benefits, and is of great significance to environmental protection and resource utilization.


At present, most countries in the world attach great importance to the recycling and reuse of waste paper, and have taken many corresponding measures. Some developed countries have even established a series of laws and regulations to improve the collection system of waste paper, so as to improve the recycling rate of waste paper. Many countries have made remarkable achievements in the scale, quantity, variety and recycling technology of waste paper, and have reached a fairly high level. The world recycles about 100 million tons of waste paper every year as papermaking raw materials.


The amount of waste paper recycled in the United States, Japan and other national European Union is relatively high, about 50%. At present, the paper consumption in China is about 35 million tons per year, and the recyclable waste paper is more than 10 million tons per year based on 1/3 of waste, but the actual recycling rate is less than 40%, which shows that the potential of domestic waste paper recycling is still great.


From the perspective of paper industry, the use of waste paper for pulping and papermaking can not only reduce deforestation, but also reduce the pollution caused by direct use of raw materials for pulping. Generally, 1t waste paper can make paper of 400~800kg, save 2~4m3 of wood, save 1000W • h of electricity and about 300m3 of water.


Some domestic enterprises have achieved obvious economic and social benefits in the production of waste paper, so the recycling of waste paper has attracted great attention of domestic insiders. In addition, we should also actively pay attention to and study the possibility of waste paper recycling in other industries, find new ways to recycle waste paper of various levels and structures, and improve the recycling rate of waste paper.